Health, Happiness, and Well-Being


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Health, Happiness, and Well-Being provides the essential tools for becoming a knowledgeable consumer of information on behavioral health. Drawing on the research of leading scholars in the field, the book shows readers how to debunk popular myths about health and well-being with coverage of such topics as the evaluation of claims, an examination of correlation versus causation, and the influence of popular beliefs in shaping opinions. Packed with examples drawn from the media and scientific journals, the text also discusses why accurate, up-to-date, and valid health information is vital to achieving the good life. Key Features, Introduces the principles of scientific thinking and means for distinguishing science from pseudoscience in Chapter 1. Examines such topics as the evaluation of claims and evidence in terms of the value of replication, how to distinguish correlation vs. causation, the effect of cognitive biases, limitations in conclusions that can be drawn from biased samples, and the influence of popular yet unsubstantiated beliefs in shaping opinions. Includes many topics central to behavioral health and well-being such as parenting, happiness, emotion regulation, relationship skills, sleep, and problem solving. Highlights the lost opportunities associated with pursuing ineffective treatments based on unsubstantiated information. Features a common structure in every chapter: definition and illustration of key concepts; review of research; role of the concept, technique, or personal enhancement method in the healthcare system; specifics for application, including a case study; and conclusions, including future directions. Draws on the expertise of leading scholars in psychology from a wide array of fields including clinical, cognitive, health, medical, social, and interpersonal psychology. Book jacket.

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