Soul Mind Body Medicine


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"Soul Mind Body Medicine blends sacred wisdom and practical techniques, combining Eastern and Western medicine with 5,000 years of energy and spiritual healing secrets. The book emphasizes the power of soul over matter, and teaches techniques for self-healing and healing others by removing matter, energy, and spiritual blockages. Charismatic healer Zhi Gang Sha explores divine love and forgiveness as the keys to healing. Helpful for those experiencing chronic pain, chronic illness, and life-threatening conditions, and for those who want to prevent illness, maintain health, and prolong life, "Soul Mind Body Medicine combines energy, massage, acupuncture, sound vibration, meditation, prayer, and Western practices into specific treatments. The book's 200 black-and-white photographs illustrate healing strategies for more than 100 ailments, from the common cold and back pain to heart disease and diabetes. Included are step-by-step protocols for weight loss, cancer recovery, emotional balance, and maintenance of good health.

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