Bread Machine Cookbook


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Do you love freshly baked Bread?

Want to know about healthy bread recipes?

Want to feel the sweet aroma, nice crust, and softness of the Bread?

Then, this book is the perfect fit for you. Now you can have freshly baked Bread without doing any of the hard work. Yes, it is true with a Bread Machine. The bread machine just needs the right amount of all the ingredients, and you only have to select the settings whether you like Whole Wheat, Basic White Bread, Sweet Bread or Quick Bread or many more. The bread machine will do the rest of the work, from mixing, kneading the dough to bake the dough in just a few hours. You just have to take the Bread out from the bread pan and enjoy. With this book, you will get:

·      What is Bread and How to make Bread

·      Important Ingredients to make Bread

·      A complete guide to the Bread Machines 

·      Bread Machine’s cycles and how they work?

·      How can you make baking easy for you?

·      What bread machine is the perfect fit for you?

·      200 Easy, Delicious bread machine recipes from Basic, Sourdough to Jam & Jellies. Herbs & Spices, Grains & Nuts, International, Fruits, Vegetables, Ketogenic, Sweet, Holidays, and Creative Combination Bread. 

And much more

With the bread machine, you can also make jam and jellies, yes you read that right. This book also includes recipes of jam & jellies with fresh fruits. You can now enjoy fresh Bread with fresh home-made jam & jellies with little to no effort at all. You can control how fresh your diet is and what kind of ingredients go into your food. Eating fresh and without preservatives will help you in the long run.

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